Sfursat, 2000

Nino Negri

Bottle size: 75cl

ABV: 14%



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The Sfursat di Valtellina wine is a dry red “Passito” style wine and is made by making wine with dried grapes. The best bunches of Chiavennasca are selected and laid out on specially made mats in aerated purpose-built cellars to dry (similar to the process in Valpolicella for Amarone). The “breva” wind which blows through this region has historically assisted the production of the Sfursat wines. The grapes spend about 3 and a half months drying like this and towards the end of January (once the main winery tasks for the other wines are all finished) the grapes will have lost about 40% of their own weight, the sugars will have concentrated and the signature passito aroma will be present. The wine is then made and 2 years of ageing are to follow between barrel and bottle and the result is an intense, dry, completely unique and delicious red wine with approx 14% alc.


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