Smith Woodhouse Vintage Port, 1970

Vintage Port
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Bottle size: 75cl

ABV: 20%


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Smith Woodhouse 1970, the year the house was bought by the Symington Family, has now become elegant with lovely balance of fruit and tannins. "This wine is now beginning to reach its full maturity and is likely to be ready for drinking. As it ages further, it will begin to develop gently into a more tawny style wine. Good full fleshy flavours with that dark chocolate aroma so often seen in top quality Vintage Port." Reviews "Medium to medium-full colour. Mature. Soft nose. Ripe and attractive. Now mellow. Excellent balance. Fullish body. Nicely succulent. Rich. Very good grip. Long and lovely. Very stylish. But no lack of vigour or depth. Very good indeed." Clive Coates , The Vine Nº195 2001


Labelled. Good level. Embossed capsules

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