Tokaji, 1942

Aszu Essencia (Half litre, 50cl)

Bottle size: 50cl

ABV: 8%


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This rare 1942 Tokaji Aszu Essencia is a sweet wine of stunning concentration and complexity. A rich complex wine with incredibly deep concentration, bitter oranges, ginger, manuka honey aromas and flavours, but though super sweet it is perfectly balanced with succulent citrus acidity. Harmony, balance and depth are absolutely world class.

After the Essencia, the Aszú Essencia (often confounded with the Essencia) is the second highest quality level among Tokaj wines. Its preparation is the same as that for the Aszú, and it is produced only in excellent years. The quality level is not indicated anymore by the number of puttonyos. However, it is much higher than the 6 puttonyos Aszú. The Aszú Essencia has more than 180 grams per liter of residual sugar content and over 50 grams of sugar-free extracts. Fermentation often takes years, and needs to be kept up by support of special yeast. Before being sold, the Aszú Essencia must maturate in casks for at least five years, three of them in a wood cask.

These bottles are rare Tokaji pieces from the collection of Dr. Olah. Some of these bottles have already been sold at prestigious auction houses. Oenologist Dr. Olah László discovered these unique old wines during his professional explorations of several old cellars throughout Hungary, during the early 1960s while working for the National Wine Institute. Realizing the values of these treasures, he hid them carefully from the Soviet occupying forces. All the wines were recorked at the end of 2005 by Dr. László himself. Among these bottles are Essences from 1855 and 1856 (!), which were discovered in the cellar of Duke Ferdinand of Bretzenheim in Mád. When his father sold the German imperial town Lindau to Austria in 1803, which leaded almost into an European war, he received also the counties Régencz and Sárospatak and moved with his family from Germanyto the Tokaji region. Like this, he obtained also vineyards and the legendary Rákoczi cellar in Sárospatak. The family trace has disappeared in the 1860´s. Other bottles come from the cellar of Count György Andrassyin Tállya. He founded the Tokaj-Hegyalja WineGrower Association in 1857.


From the cellars of a famous collector - these were relabelled and certified by him prior to release .

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