Warre's Port, 2008


Bottle Matured Late Bottled Vintage In Gift Box
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Bottle size: 75cl

ABV: 20%


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The 2008 Late Bottled Vintage Port from Warre's is still made in the traditional way - bottled unfiltered then aged for a number of years before being released only when it is ready. As a result, it is vastly superior to most other LBV Ports, and a brilliant value substitute for full Vintage Port.

The 2008 is full-bodied, rich and sweet; deep, dark fruit flavours; long, elegant finish.
Because it is unfiltered, this LBV should be decanted before serving to leave the sediment behind.

This prolonged bottle ageing is crucial to the development of the superb “nose” and flavour which lend this Port a style and complexity very much akin to that of Vintage Port. Warre’s LBV is generally acknowledged to be the finest of its type.

Warre’s Bottled-Matured LBV’s have amassed an unparalleled 6 gold medals at the International Wine Challenge, the world’s biggest and most prestigious wine competition. No other producer comes remotely close to this remarkable achievement.