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Warre's Vintage Port, 1994 Vintage Port

Vintage Port
Special Library Release
***17.5 Points-***
***94 Points-Wine Advocate***

Bottle size: 750ml

ABV: 20%


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Port houses occasionally release library editions or special bottlings from older vintages, especially for significant anniversaries or events. Symington Family Estates, decided to release a library edition of the 1994 Warre's Vintage Port. This is a limited offering aimed at collectors and enthusiasts to showcase the wine's development over time and to provide an opportunity to experience mature Port at its peak.

Tasting Notes
Hanging on well to its deep, dark red colour, suggesting a still youthful wine. Very expressive aromas with Warre’s characteristically fresh, floral element (rose garden fragrance). There are also secondary aromas of red fruits, combined with eucalyptus and soft mint. The generous fruit on the palate combines with suggestions of tobacco and tea, melding with polished tannins. The creamy texture reflects Warre’s hallmark elegance and grace, but as with other Warre’s Vintages at this stage in their development, it promises further ageing capacity. Symington tasting room, September 2021.

Serving and Food pairing
Vintage Ports require decanting and are best served slightly below modern room temperature: 16° to 18° C. This is the kind of wine that can be enjoyed now or aged even further to allow its flavours to develop and evolve over time. Whether you're sipping it on its own or pairing it with a rich dessert like chocolate mousse or a selection of aged cheeses, a vintage port is sure to be a memorable experience.

Warre's is one of the most distinguished and historic Port wine producers in Portugal. Established in 1670 by Englishman William Warre, it is one of the oldest British Port houses and has remained family-owned for generations. Warre's has built a reputation for crafting high-quality Ports, particularly Vintage Ports, which are made only in exceptional years from the finest grapes of the Douro Valley. Throughout its long history, Warre's has consistently adhered to traditional winemaking techniques while also embracing innovation and modern practices to ensure the highest standards of quality. The estate owns prime vineyard sites in the Douro Valley, allowing them to control the entire winemaking process from grape to bottle.

How to store your Vintage Port
Vintage Port, like all fine wines, prefers to remain undisturbed, lying on its side in a dark and at least slightly humid place at a stable temperature of between 10°C and 14°C to mature properly.


Excellent- Library Release


***17.5 Points-***
High toned and floral on the nose, with dried rose and violet petals against ripe, roasted cherries. Driven on the palate but with ample generosity, the sugar, fruit and tannic structure find excellent balance. Starting to show savoury complexity, this is now in full flow but will reward further ageing. (TP)

***94 Points-Wine Advocate***
One of the finest Warres I have ever tasted, this opaque purple-colored wine is made in a drier style (a la Dow), yet it is expressive, extremely full-bodied, with superb richness, purity, and well-integrated alcohol and tannin. It possesses a great mid-palate as well as impressive length. Tasters should take note of the wealth of peppery, licorice-scented and flavored raspberry and blackcurrant fruit. Look for it to be ready to drink in 10-12 years, and keep for 30+. This is a profound example of Warre vintage port.(RPj)

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