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1940 Wine and Port Vintage

1940 was a very good year for Bordeaux, but wines are in very short supply.
The French, took great care of their vines during the wartime era; the damage in general was substantially less than during the war of 1914-18 and was extensive only in Alsace, around Colmar. The town of Chablis was badly hit in 1940, but the vines escaped injury. a few chais(wine-making plants) and cellars in Bordeaux were wrecked by Allied bombings; the village of Comblanchien on the Côte d'Or was burned to the ground by the Germans in 1944.

Furthermore, France was exceedingly fortunate in the matter of weather during the war. Never, certainly, in the last half century have the French vineyard districts known a comparable succession of dry summers or a higher average of good or creditable vintage years.

Lastly, of course, the French did an extraordinary job of hiding and protecting their stocks, walling up portions of their cellars, burying their more precious bottles, bilking, cheating, duping, and deceiving the Germans on every possible occasion and in every possible way
Vintage Port: In Portugal, the Tawny (Colheita) Ports that were produced are drinking well. 1940 ports produced a small crop.
Bordeaux: Most of France was hit hard by the German Occupation from 1940 to 1944, but down in Bordeaux the wine business thrived. 1940 was a classic year that marked the end of a poor run of vintages during the late 1930s. Some of the best wines of the century originated from the war years. The long hot summer of 1940 produced well-rounded wines that have withstood the test of time.

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Palmer Port, 1940


Single Harvest White Tawny Port
50cl Bottle
Special Offer | Was £495 | Now £475

1940 Colheita Port - 50cl Bottle. Exclusive to VWP.
The grapes for this wine were being harvested when Europe was at war and the Battle of Britain was raging in the English skies. This beautiful rare port-wine has been stored in seasoned oak casks since the 1940 harvest until it was bottled this year.

Tasting Notes: A deep, dense light oak colour and, as befits its age, a light emerald halo on the rim. Powerful, racy nose with very complex aromas of spices, an ethereal peaty quality like a single malt. Notes of almond, walnut with a citrus zest. Clean acidity on the palate in balance with a harmonious sweetness.
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Cossart Gordon Madeira, 1940

Sercial Madeira

A bottling of Madeira from the 1940s from Cossart, the oldest company in the Madeira wine business.
Sercial is the name of a white grape grown in Portugal, especially on the island of Madeira. It has given name to the dryest of the four classic varieties of Madeira fortified wine.

The anglicised name Sercial came to be associated with the Madeira style rather than the grape variety, being the lightest, most acidic and delicate expression of Madeira that takes the longest to mature.
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Graham's Port, 1940

Single Harvest Tawny Port

Graham's, the port company owned by the Symington family, has announced the release of a Single Harvest Port from 1940. The launch of the “extremely rare” Graham's 1940 Single Harvest pays tribute to three generations of master blenders, who have tended to the wine over eight decades.

This wine pays tribute to three generations of Master Blenders who contributed to its prolonged ageing in the cellars. Across eight decades, generations of Master Blenders have left their mark on this extraordinary 1940 Single Harvest Tawny Port.

As the first grapes of the 1940 vintage were being picked in the peaceful Douro Valley in late September,
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Kopke Port, 1940

Colheita Single Harvest Tawny Port. Limited Edition

1940 Kopke Single Harvest Tawny Port
The year is 1940, we are in the Douro valley,in the ancient Quinta de São Luiz. 1940 was a difficult year, but the quality of the berries suggested a long life for the wines of this harvest.Over the next decades and generations,there were many opportunities and sustained pressure to launch this nectar onto the market. The world changed and societies evolved. Despite all this, this wine was kept for 80 long years in a cellar that resisted time. But all good things come to those who wait. That patience, together with the terroir and the mastery of ageing wines in wood has transformed this wine into a unique experience.
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Kopke Port, 1940

Colheita Single Harvest White Port. Limited Edition (Day).

Limited Edition | Only 200 produced.

Hand-picked at the optimum time, the grapes are then destemmed, crushed and converted into wine through a process of careful skin maceration and constant churning during fermentation aimed at producing white wines full of colour and structure, with enough phenolic compounds to support a long ageing in wood. This fermentation takes place in vats (lagares) until the right degree of sweetness (baumé) is achieved. At this point, grape brandy is added to create the final fortified wine. A wine of high quality, made from one single harvest.
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Massandra, 1940

Massandra AYU-DAG CAHORS Sothebys Massandra Collection
(Includes Original Box as illustrated)

Sothebys Massandra Collection

The wineries in Massandra were built during the reign of Czar Nicholas II. During the process, wine caves containing thousands of bottles were constructed beneath the city. This “personal wine cellar” of the Czar contained tens of thousands of bottles. These caves survived the Russian Revolution, both World Wars, the fall of Communism, and Yakov Smirnoff. In 1990, about 13,000 of these bottles – never before available in the West – were put to auction
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Niepoort Port, 1940

Garrafeira Port

A very rare bottle of 1940 Niepoort Garrafeira Port Bottled 1945 - Decanted 1970.

Stored undergound at constant temperature for several decades in a private cellar.
A unique masterpiece from Niepoort.

Currently, Niepoort is the only Port house which produces Garrafeira-style Ports.

The second generation of the Niepoort family, in the late 19th century, had the fortunate idea of buying from a german glass factory in Oldenburg about 4000 glass balloons (in the form of old apothecary bottles) of dark-green glass with varying capacities from 8 to 11 litres. Eduard Marius van der Niepoort, Dirk’s grandfather, gave purpose to the demijohns by bottling the best wines of the 1931 harvest, thus creating the type “Garrafeira Niepoort”.
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