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Quevedo Prestige Advent Calendar


Prestige Advent Calendar 2021
Includes FREE Quevedo 2018 Vintage Port (75cl) for the 25th! Clearance Offer | Very sight hairline crack in case | Was £395 | Now £285

Bottle size: 24 x 90ml

ABV: 20%

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If you have purchased previously and have the cabinet we would recommend purchasing a refill pack.

This is a serious gift for port enthusiasts, a limited-edition solid wood cabinet showcasing 24 of Oscar and Claudia Quevedo's finest port wines. As a lovely personal touch, each bottle is accompanied by a short video in which Oscar explains why each wine is special. This is accessible by a special QR code on each bottle.

Most of the ports have been released from the families own reserves, and many have never been on the market before.
The solid wooden gift-box has been designed and made by Portuguese artisans and is a serious piece of furniture in itself. The draws are reversible so that it can be used for storage or refilled in future years. Dimensions: Depth – 7.5 inches Width – 11 inches Height – 15 inches

Inside every drawer you will find a different 90ml bottle for 24 days. Every bottle has its own online introduction by Oscar. The QR code is on each bottle so the you can scan it with you mobile phone. This will access the introduction. We have included the introductions below.

Quevedo is run by Oscar and Claudia Quevedo who are a brother and sister team. Claudia is one of the leading female wine-makers in the Douro and Oscar is the Marketing Director responsible for many of the innovations from the company. They have strong company ethics and are converting their vineyards to organic. Quevedo is located in the small town of San João da Pesqueira, right in the heart of the beautiful Douro Valley. Having sold their grapes for decades to Taylor-Fladgate, they decided to venture on their own in 1991.

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Includes (all 90ml):

Day 0

December 1st - 10 white

December 2nd 10 Tawny

December 3rd - Bio Ruby Reserve

December 4th - Colheita 2007

December 5th - Tawny 20 year

December 6th - Colheita 2000

December 7th - Garrafeira 2000

December 8th - Colheita 1992

December 9th - 20 year old White

December 10th - 30 Year old White

December 11th - Colheita 2005

December 12th - White COlheita 1981

December 13th - Colheita 2002

December 14th - LBV 2016

December 15th - 40 year old tawny

December 16th - Oscar's 20 year old

December 17th - Claudia's Blend

December 18th - Colheita 1997

December 19th - Vintage 2019

December 20th - Colheita 2004

December 21st - 1970 White

December 22nd - Colheita 1994

December 23rd - Garrafeira 1994

December 24th - White Colheita 1975


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