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1974 Wine and Port Offers | Recomendations and Special Offers

1974 Wine and Port Gifts | 50 Year Old Wine Gifts

1974 Wine and Port Gifts

Vintage Port: 1974 has a special place in Portuguese history as this was the year of the Carnation revolution when the dictatorship of Salazar was replaced with democracy without a shot being fired. The 1974 port vintage produced some excellent single harvest colheita, making a port from this year the ideal 50 year old wine gift for a 50th birthday or anniversary. For vintage ports it was a moderate year that was not declared by the major port houses; despite a huge crop, very few vintage port wines were bottled from this year and the bottles that were produced are very rare.

Italian: Celebrated as a great vintage in Italy at the time, the 1974 vintage is now still considered to be very good. The 1974 vintage produced a large crop, close to the 1964 but with less quality. Summer was hot and dry and a mild autumn allowed the grapes to ripen fully. The wines produced are characterised as being fairly firm and tannic with low acidity but good, rich fruit. The harvest time was very long and lasted through November. Wines produced in this year have reached full maturity but continue to hold.

Bordeaux: A massive crop was produced, but the 1974 wines from Bordeaux were hard and tannic and lacked the ripeness of the 1975 vintage. The wines have declined gracefully over the decades and only the top houses will be drinkable nowadays.

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1974 Wine and Port Gift Suggestions

An introduction to the 1974 vintage and some gift recommendations by Andrew White.

84 1974 WINE GIFTS Wines found.

Barbaresco, 1974

Barbaresco 1974

Oddero ...more

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Barbaresco, 1974

Barbaresco 1974

Giordano ...more

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