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1999 Wine and Port Offers | Recomendations and Special Offers

1999 Wine and Port Gifts | 25 Year Old Wine Gifts

1999 Wine and Port Gifts

A bottle of wine or Port from 1999 makes the perfect 25 year old wine gift, whether for a birthday or anniversary. The 1999 wine vintage was generally a good year for wine in many regions, particularly in Bordeaux, Italy and Spain (Rioja). Portugal produced some good Ports, particularly Colheita Port. It's important to note that wine quality can also depend on the specific producer, the vineyard, and how well the wine has been stored over the years. At Vintage Wine and Port we work to secure bottles with the best provenance.

Portugal (Port): 1999 was not a general declaration of vintage, however some vineyards produced small quantities of outstanding single quinta Ports and Colheita Port. . Growing onditions throughout were very favourable up until the harvest in late September. However, unsettled weather set in with intermittent rain which affected some vineyards and took the gloss off what would have been an outstanding year.

Italian: The 1999 wine vintage in Italy was the third top vintage in a row. The Barolos and Barbarescos are very good and are reminiscent of the 95s in style and structure. Despite the wet weather in most of Italy, the region remained hot and dry for most of the growing season, was generally considered a very good year for Italian wines. While it might not be as universally renowned as some other vintages, like 1961 or 1971, it produced some fine wines, particularly in regions such as Piedmont and Tuscany.

Bordeaux: In Bordeaux, the red wines from the 1999 vintage were generally characterized by a lighter and more elegant style. They may not have the power, richness, or aging potential of some of the top vintages, but they can still offer pleasant drinking experiences.

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1999 Wine and Port Gift Suggestions

An introduction to the Iconic 1999 vintage and gift recommendations - by Andrew White.

24 1999 WINE GIFTS Wines found.

Chateau Gazin, 1999

Chateau Gazin 1999

Pomerol, Bordeaux

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