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Palmer Port

Palmer Decades Book of Port
Colheita (Single Harvest) Port from 1940 (white), 1950, 1962, 1970, 1982, 1990
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6 x 60ml

Bottle size: 6 x 6cl

ABV: 20%


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We have created an exclusive Palmer Decades Book Of Port containing 6 x 60ml tasting tubes of single harvest ports spanning over 50 years. We have selected these ports so that you can experience how this category of port evolves over time, hanging from a lighter elegant 1990 to a dense, concentrated powerful 1940 port. The pack contains Ports from 1940, 1950, 1962, 1970, 1982 and 1990.

Samuel Palmer, a late ancestor of the Van Zeller family - once owner of Casa de Malladas - was a maverick and a remarkable icon in the trade of high quality Port Wine to England. Paying attention to every single detail, the Van Zeller family have carefully aged thir wines in the highest quality oak casks to ensure that they mature these rare elixirs as Samual Palmer once wanted them to be.

The Book of Port comes from Barão de Vilar, established in 1715 and owned by the Van Zeller family, Alvaro and Fernando, who've long been luminaries of the port business. They have an incredible range of colheita or single harvest ports in their collection spanning 150 years.

Tasting Notes
1940 Palmer (white port) A deep, dense light oak colour and, as befits its age, a light emerald halo on the rim. Powerful, racy nose with very complex aromas of spices, an ethereal peaty quality like a single malt. Notes of almond, walnut with a citrus zest. Clean acidity on the palate in balance with a harmonious sweetness. Good density and resolved mouthfeel. An eternal finish - history in a glass.

1950 Palmer Dark oak colour. A perfect balance between acidity, confit citrus aromas, nuts, and spices. It is a unique, wine, clearly evidenced by the almost 70 years of aging in French oak barrels. The Port blossoms with complex and intense aromas of caramelized citrus, plum jam, baked quinces, vanilla, and spices. On the palate there is a lightness that is balanced by a good acidity. This port wine delivers a beautiful flavour supported by a long, long finish. Outstanding!

1962 Palmer Dark oak colour with verdant edge. A very complex nose, with toasted nut, dried prunes, and an orange citrus zest with a hint pepper. On the palate there is a light volatile acidity and soft integrated tannins that contribute to make this an elegant wine. 94/100 VWPtasting 11/20 TC

1970 Palmer A light oak colour with a verdant edge on the rim highlighting a colheita of exceptional age and quality. Much elegance on the nose with orange peel, walnuts, figs and a touch of honey. On the palate there is a lightness that is balanced by a good acidity. This port wine delivers a beautiful flavour supported by a long, long finish. Outstanding.

1982 Palmer Dark colour fading to red towards the edges of the glass. Hints of smoked wood and dark fruit. Good tearing on the glass. Refreshing on the tip of the tongue. A little hot on the palate, a little acidity. Raisins, caramel and a little vanilla. Long strong aftertaste with plenty of tannins. Makes a nice every day port. VWP 18.3.21

1990 Palmer Light oak in colour with a light edge on the rim. Much elegance on the nose with citrus, walnuts, figs and a touch of dried fruit. On the palate there is a lightness that is balanced by an outstanding fresh acidity and beautifully integrated soft tannins. It is lifted with beautiful notes of dried fruits, citrus. Outstanding perfect balance and finish.



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