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Graham's Port, Tasting Experience Colheita Port

Graham's Single Harvest Tawnies | Taste At home with Charles Symington
*** Sold Out *** link for presentation

Bottle size: 5 x 5cl

ABV: 20%


$64.83 USD

Out of stock



Sorry - all 150 packs have now sold out. If any orders are cancelled we will list them here. Please do not phone us as we have no reserve packs to offer.

We will be listing another Taste at Home Event with Oscar Quevedo next week.

We are delighted to offer another exclusive Grahams tasting as part of our Taste at Home series of events. Please note that these are only available to UK Mainland Customers.

Charles Symington, head wine-maker for Graham's will guide you through a live online tasting of 5 x 5cl bottles of their delicious Single Harvest Tawny Ports.
You can experience the elegance of a 1963 or be one of the first to taste the new 1974 in advance of its release in April. Also included are the 1994 current release; the 1982 limited edition release; and the 1990 which is only available in the Grahams Lodge in Porto.

The full line up is (all 5cl).
1963- The Artisan
1974- New release scheduled for April 2020
1982 –Limited edition release
1990- Lodge Edition
1994- The Apprentice (current stock)

The price for the sample pack is just £49.95 + postage.

These have been bottled by hand by Grahams in Porto. This is a special production for VWP and The bottles are all 5cl which adds up all together to be about 1/3 of a regular bottle. This is slightly smaller than our regular 9cl tasting bottles (Grahams only had 5cl available) and if you intend to share - we would recommend doubling up on the order. We only have 150 packs to share, so in order to ensure that as many benefit as possible we are limiting sales to a maximum of five packs per customer.

We will email you details of the presentation, time, platform (You Tube) and link about one week before the tasting. We will broadcast this simultaneously on our You Tube Channel where it will be saved.



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