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Kopke Tawny Port

30 Year Old Tawny Port
Includes Kopke presentation box
*** 93 Points- Wine Advocate***

Bottle size: 75cl

ABV: 20%


$120.32 USD

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This ready-to-be-enjoyed 30 year-old tawny Port from Kopke has been aged for an average of thirty years in wood. Kopke uses traditional regional grape varieties to produce Port with intense and complex aromas of dried apricots, toffee and hazelnut complexity. On the palate, layers of caramel, penuche and butterscotch give way to a long honeyed finish. An extremely refined blend.

Serving & Food Pairing:
Tawny Ports are ready-to drink and do not require decanting. Best enjoyed slightly chilled at 12-13ºC they will work wonders if pairing with treacle tart, crème brulee or nut based desserts, like hazelnut praline.

Kopke is one of the oldest port wine houses in Portugal and is renowned for its high-quality fortified wines. Established in 1638 by Cristiano Köpke, a German diplomat, Kopke has a long history of producing exceptional port wines. Kopke is particularly known for its Colheita Ports, which are single vintage tawny ports aged in oak barrels for a minimum of seven years before bottling. These ports offer a unique expression of a single vintage and are highly prized by port wine enthusiasts. The house also produces a range of other port styles, including vintage ports, white ports, and aged tawnies. Kopke's ports are celebrated for their elegance, complexity, and longevity, making them a favourite among collectors and connoisseurs.

How to store your Tawny Port:
The bottle should be kept upright and protected from direct sunlight and heat.

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Excellent - please note that tis is a blend of more than one vintage with a 30 years designation - the vintage is not shown on the bottle.


*** 93 Points- Wine Advocate***
The NV 30 Year Old Tawny Port was bottled in 2017 with a bar-top cork and 130 grams per liter of residual sugar. The last release I saw of this was pretty fine. So, too, here. This adds a layer of depth and more complexity to the Burmester, although it lacks the Burmester's elegance and sex appeal. While the finish here is bigger and more gripping, it is no more flavorful (actually, less so). Still, as this rolls around the mouth, it is impressive, not necessarily more exciting than the Burmester, but definitely different stylistically. They are good examples of the diversity you can get in one portfolio. As always, these last indefinitely, barring cork failures, but they are not really meant to be held.
Mark squires-

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