Messias Port, 1965

Quinta Cachao Vintage Port

Bottle size: 75cl

ABV: 20%


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A very rare bottle of Vintage Port from the good 1965 Vintage - these are the only bottles available in the UK and are a true rarity. Unlike the colheita ports from the same year, this wine has aged in the bottle for nearly 50 years (As opposed to a barrel). It is among the rarest category of ports and is a delight for the port connoisseur.

The 1965 Vintage has a medium intensity - amber with a hint of orange. On the nose the wine is clean, med to pronounced intensity, dried fruits, caramel - grenadine, grilled nuts (hazelnut / almond). Sweet, med+ acidity that keeps it fresh and well balanced, full body, pronounced intensity, and superb length. Great way to end a long dinner. VWP Tasting May 2013

75 cl
20% ABV


Excellen - ex- cellars from Messias in Oporto

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