Royal Oporto, 1970

Vintage Port

Bottle size: 75cl

ABV: 20%

Royal Oporto, 1970


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From the outstanding 1970 vintage. The colour is more tawny than red, and fairly light. It gives the distinct impression of a very old, very mature vintage Port.
The nose gives a strong impression of honey and is followed by sweet grapes and soft red fruits. Very slightly spirity, but not so much that it interferes. This all changes after 5 hours as the honey and fruits nearly vanish and the nose became spirity.
Palate: Very soft and elegant with a very faint smokey note. There's more "sweet" to it than anything else, but it's not a pure sugary sweetness but rather the remains of a sweet fruit compote. Some caramel in the mid palate. Rather light body weight, and mildly spirity.

This port is fully mature and will remain so until about 2015


Good level embossed capsules labels badly bin soiled and damaged Bottle are stencilled.

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