Taylor's Port, 1950

Special Quinta Port Vargellas rewaxed unlabelled id from cork very top shoulder

Bottle size: 75cl

ABV: 20%


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- Rare bottling!

Decant: 3 hours - Bottled by Corney & Barrow. David Guimaraens reports that this could have been a single quinta port from Vargellas but that the TFP records are unclear. Very pale, very light in colour - almost the same colour as a white colheita; maybe 10% opaque. Very little on the nose, perhaps just a touch of mace. Gentle sugary sweetness on entry; a good volume of chocolate and raisin tones on the mid-palate. Lovely aftertaste, soft and floral with modest volume and lots of heat on the finish, which eventually turns into a herb lemon grass.
*Al B., ForTheLoveOfPort.com, Tasted in 2013*


Level very top shoulder - Rewaxed capsule. Plain Label.

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