1951 Wine and Port Vintage

Vintage Port:


1951 was not a declared vintage for Port. A Colheita (barrel aged single harvest) Port is a good alternative for this vintage, and would be a lovely 70 year old wine gift for a birthday or anniversary celebration this year. 1951 Single Quinta ports may still be drinkable, but are in short supply.

The weather throughout the growing season was good and only broke after the grapes were in.
Maurice Symington writes in his winemakers Diary
" The lagares took plenty of “work”: colour good. Temperatures felt low in the lagares. Grapes rendered more than estimated. Bomfim musts approximately 96/97 pipes. Zimbro about 35 and Sra da Ribeira (excluding outside grapes) about 70. There seems no reason not to be satisfied with this vintage from every angle."

Production was limited to Single Quintas Vintage Ports. We have not had the opportunity to taste any 1951 Single Quintas, but reports indicate that this was not a strong vintage.

However, some excellent 1951 Colheita (barrel aged) ports were made and these are sublime. They are in very short supply.

Italian: A very good year for Italian heavyweights such as Brunello and Barolo, 1951 wines from Italy are rare and in short supply.
Bordeaux: Unfortunately, bad conditions led to a poor year for Bordeaux.

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Palmer Port, 1951

Very Old Single Harvest Tawny Port
50cl Bottle

1951 Single Harvest Colheita Port - 50cl Bottle. Exclusive to VWP. an ideal gift for a 70th Anniversary in 2021!

The Palmer 1951 Port is a fantastic Port wine, with a perfect balance between acidity, confit citrus aromas, nuts, and spices. It is a unique, wine, clearly evidenced by the almost 70 years of aging in French oak barrels. The Port blossoms with complex and intense aromas of caramelized citrus, plum jam, baked quinces, vanilla, and spices. On the palate there is a lightness that is balanced by a good acidity. This port wine delivers a beautiful flavour supported by a long, long finish.
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70 Years of Burmester Tawny Port, 1951

40yr and 30yr Burmester Tawnies, 2x75cl (in a double dark mocha leather effect gift box as illustrated)

All 75cl Bottles. A wonderful gift for a 70th Birthday or Anniversary.

This double gift box contains two 75cl bottles of Rich Tawny Port:

Burmester 40 year old port:
*** Gold Medal at the 2015 International Wine Challenge ***
Bright tawny colour, with greenish nuances. Presents a bouquet with intense aromas of dried fruits, delicate spices notes and a sweet touch of honey. In the taste it is full, unctuous and velvety. This wine overflows seduction and an enormous refinement. A feeling that is extended in the long and complex finish.

Burmester 30 Year Old Tawny Port:
This 30-year-old tawny from Burmester is our absolute favourite! Deep tawny colour with greenish hints.
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Armagnac Marquis de Montdidier, 1951

Armagnac - 2.5Lt Bottle

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Baron de Lustrac, 1951

Armagnac 1951 Vintage in original Box

Armagnac is a grape brandy from the Gascony region of South-Western France. Its closest relative is cognac, another grape brandy from an appellation located about 100 miles north of Armagnac. Armagnac even though it is related to and often confused with cognac, armagnac is very different with regards to its grapes, terroir, distillation, élevage, blending, aromas, tastes and textures. In truth, France's two finest brandies made from wine are not very much alike at all.

Armagnac pre-dates cognac by about 150 years but never achieved the widespread sales figures that its relatives in the Charente obtained.
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Baron de Sigognac, 1951

Vintage Armagnac (Comes in original Sigognac Box as illustrated).

Baron de Sigognac 1951 Vintage Armagnac has a beautiful amber colour with golden highlights. It has a rich and elegant nose of orange flowers, Aged prunes and cinnamon. The mouth opens to the superb perfumes of candied fruit, fat and strong with a lovely long finish of roasted almonds and wood.
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Domaine De Jappeloup, 1951

St Emilion

Bottles are in excellent condition. Minor Staining on one label. Drawn from a private cellar, these two bottles have remained in excellent condition. The labels and fill level speak very well of their storage
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Price: $548.40 USD
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Kopke Port, 1951

Seventy Year Old (single Harvest) Colheita Port

The 1951 Kopke Port is a true rarity. Bright amber colour with a complex nose of dried fruits, suggestions of dried figs, nuts, almonds and hazelnuts. A harmonious whole, marked by delicious honey notes and a subtle touch of roasted peanuts. Rich and satin in the taste, reveals an excellent structure and a remarkable unctuosity. A powerful wine but also balanced and elegant with a singular persistent finish.

Exclusive to VWP - Just 18 bottles available for the UK market.

Colheita, or single harvest ports, are aged in the barrel. Contrast this with vintage ports which are aged in the bottle and only have a short drinking window after opening.
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Salento, 1951

Vecchio Salento - Ruffino

Salento is in the region of Puglia on the heel of Italy. The Ruffino is a fortified wine made predominantly from the primitivo grape. The wine has a liquorice and spice bouquet, a medium body and a long alcoholic finish.
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Sherry, 1951

Harvey's No. 2 Medium/Amoroso Sherry
Bottled in 1951 - Level Top Shoulder

This amoroso sherry wine, was bottled in 1951. An intense sherry that balances sweet and bitter notes with hints of nuts and oranges.

A touch of Pedro Ximénez added to a dry oloroso results in this type of sherry known as “amoroso.” Translated into English as loving or affectionate, the name pays tribute to the smoothness obtained during the lengthy and traditional ageing period. Its alcohol content and body mean that it can be served on the rocks.

Serving Suggestion:
Enjoy around 15 degrees Celsius with blue cheese or desserts.
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Taylor's 70 Years of Tawny Port Gift, 1951

40yr Taylor's and 30yr Taylor's presented in a double leather-effect box.

A wonderful gift for a 70th Birthday or Anniversary.

This double gift box contains two 75cl bottles of Rich Tawny Port:

One 30 year old port: Scoring 92/100 Parker points, this is a fine pale orange brown with a taste of fruit cordial and honey and lemons. It is elegant with fine balance and poise with subtle acidity and a lovely nutty finish. This 30-year-old tawny from Taylor's own vineyards shows incredible length and a deep, old gold colour with hints of dried fruit and honey offsetting the rich nutty aromas. Lush, silky richness with an elegant, slightly austere quality which is quite distinctive.
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