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About Quevedo

We are delighted to offer Quevedo Wines and Ports - most of their products are exclusive to Vintage Wine and Port. Quevedo is an incredible, innovative producer that is very highly regarded amongst port aficionados. Family owned for over 100 years, the estate is now in the capable hands of Oscar and Claudia the new generation of wine makers. Together, they have developed and innovated to produce an outstanding portfolio of ports.

The Quevedo family have been making port wine for generations however their produce was for merchants based in Vila Nova de Gaia. But when Portugal joined the European Union in 1986, legislation changed to allow both grape growers and wineries in the Douro to export their wines directly to the retailer. And as a result of this new legislation, the family brand Quevedo was born.

The Quevedo estate and winery is located in S. Joao da Pesqueira, a small town in the heart of Douro Valley. With 112 hectares of vineyards in prime locations, a modern winery and generations of knowledge and it is easy to see why the ports are consistently rated as outstanding.

OScar and Claudia QUevedo


We are delighted to exclusively offer Quevedo wines and Ports

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  Quevedo, 2015

Quevedo 2015

Vintage Port, Douro

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