Who are Taylor's?

Posted 29 January 2019

by Jamie Ashcroft

taylor's tawny


Taylor’s, a Port House established centuries ago back in 1692, is to many the first and greatest name in port wine. It has spent its career with the same family at its helm, and they remain to this day in roles at the head of every area of the firm – which is saying something, as Taylor’s focuses its attention on every aspect of production, from planting the vines to bottling the wines!

Where other Houses might branch into sherries or Madeiras, the House of Taylor’s has spent its entire life thus far focusing solely on its port wines, finding the very best methods of production and sticking to them throughout their long history. With three iconic estates, Terra Feita, Vargellas and Junco, the vineyards encompass a huge area and various different styles of wine – each estate is distinct from the others, with different strengths and styles to complement each other brilliantly. It’s partly because of this that the House is rated so highly, often known as the ‘one to beat’ when it comes to vintage ports; with their iconic blends of the very best from each estate, a bottle of Taylor’s vintage port is always unique and always among the best available. The House doesn’t just produce great old styles of wine, though; the style of LBV or Late Bottled Vintage was created by their current chairman back in 1970 and to this day remains an incredibly popular alternative to a true vintage port at a fraction of the price, being used as a style by many other firms in their wake.

As a House, Taylor’s is undeniably one of the highest quality producers of port available, and has centuries of experience with which to back that up – remaining the benchmark for many vintages, any bottle of theirs is sure to go down well! You can find our range of Taylor’s Ports of every style here, and see for yourself why they deserve all the praise they get.




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