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About Quinta da Devesa

Quinta da Devesa have been owned by the Fortunato family since 1941. Now over seventy years later, we are delighted to work with the current generation of the family to offer their unique collection of Port wines. This includes some exceptional colheitas dating back to 1944 - A testament to the skill of the winemakers in previous generations. - most of their products are exclusive to Vintage Wine and Port.

Quinta da Devesa is located in the Cima Corgo sub-region of the Douro about 10 kms from Peso da Regua. The vineyard is located on a promontary which overlooks the confluence of the Douro and Corgo Rivers. With 34 hectars of planted vines, it's unique location and elevation form 60m to 500m creates many microclimates across the Quinta.

The unique terroir means that grapes mature at different rates, allowing the winemakers a broad pallate to create their award winning wines

Unusually, a large part of the plantation is given to growing white grapes. These have been used over generations to create white Port. Originally these Ports had little commercial interest were put aside to be enjoyed by the family and their close friends. Now that this category of Port has become popular we are delighted to be able to offer them to you.

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Quinta da Devesa | Intro

Helena, the grand-daughter of the founder, takes us through a 360 degree tour of the vineyards.

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A short interview with Filipe Marinho, Sales Manager for Devesa at the Big Fortified Tasting

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An introduction to Devesa. Andrew White Introduces Devesa wines in his own inimitable style.

Quinta da Devesa | Our Products

We are delighted to exclusively offer Quinta da Devesa wines and Ports

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