Porto Valriz, 1858

Very Old Tawny (Single Harvest Port)
Coimbra de Mattos

Bottle size: 50cl

ABV: 20%


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This Port wine is one of the oldest available in the world! The wine was produced in 1858 by Domingos Ayres de Mattos (1829-1890) and kept in bottles in the cellar of his residence, “Casa de Cima”. Domingos’ son Antonio Ayres de Mattos (1879-1956), father of the current owners of this family owned business, was aware of the wine’s exceptional quality and (possibly motivated by sentimental reasons), wanted to leave the destiny of such a ‘treasure’ to his heirs. The wines were tasted in 1969 and again in 2013 for quality control. Almost the entire stock was found to be in perfect condition. In 2013 the owners decided to re-bottle and sell a small quantity of this exceptional port.

A handful of bottles were purchased by the owner of VWP in 2015 when he visited the family, two have been opened at special events and found to be exceptional. He has released one today to mark the 160th Anniversary of this vintage and the 10th anniversary of VWP.


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Jancis Robertson
Very pale golden tawny (just slightly deeper the the ancient blend of white port from the same source. Rather more fragile on the nose than the ancient white port from the same source. Much sweeter at first and then with masses of concentrated acidity on the finish. Extremely delicate. A historic fragment. Most unusual. Sip, thinking about what was going on in the world in 1858... Heaven knows what sort of port this is technically! Heaven knows what the correct drinking window should be....